Pet Hospital Near My Area

Dakota Pet Hospital is dedicated to serving the entire Lakeville Minnesota area for anything related to a pet. We treat our animals with kindness and respect, as we understand that all pets deserve love, care, and patience. Our mission is simple: provide veterinary care for pets, while keeping them comfortable and feeling at home. From routine visits to emergency procedures, it has been our commitment to providing the best possible care for pets for over 20 years. At our facility, you will find an award-winning veterinary facility with over 200 species of birds, rabbits, mammals, reptiles, and insects. Our goal is to provide the best possible care for each of our animals, while respecting their natural instincts and keeping them healthy and safe.

Dakota Pet Hospital started in 1969 as a small veterinary practice located on Hwy 14 near Bayview, Minnesota. Following the success of that first hospital, the small operation began to expand to include a large portion of Lakeville, including parts of Maplewood, Fargo, and Columbia. Today, our hospital boasts one of the largest pet hospitals in the Twin Cities with fully accredited veterinaries, supportive staff, and facilities that are committed to our pets’ well-being. Through our expanded services, we provide affordable health care and other support services for our pets, making our facility one of the best around.

Throughout North America, pet owners struggle to provide the best in terms of high quality veterinarian care for their pets. Due to a lack of resources, many local veterinary clinics have closed their doors, forcing many pet owners to travel great distances just to receive the healthcare services they need. Pet Hospital offers its patients the opportunity to receive medical attention in one of our five mobile clinics. By providing our patients the option to visit our facilities anywhere in the state of Minnesota, we have expanded our patient base to include individuals who may not otherwise have access to the best veterinary services.

As one of the few veterinary hospitals in the area, we offer a wide variety of pet services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of every pet owner. In addition to offering extensive pet medicine and diagnostic care, our staff also provides ongoing care, including routine vaccinations and teeth cleanings at the groomer’s office. With one-stop shopping, we make it easy for pet owners to find not only the perfect pet insurance policy but also the most qualified and experienced veterinary specialists. From preventative care to emergency care, from medicated care to surgical procedures, our veterinary specialists provide it all, saving you time and money on unnecessary procedures.

Our caring team of skilled veterinary care staff and highly trained veterinary specialists possess the knowledge and skills necessary to give your pet the best in veterinary care. From preventative care to emergency care, our dedicated team of physicians, surgeons, nurses, laboratory technicians, and support staff is committed to providing you with the highest quality of treatment and veterinary care. We offer innovative preventative care programs such as spaying/neutering, vaccinations, heart worm testing and microchip implants, as well as quality surgical and diagnostic services, to name a few. As one of only a few veterinary hospitals in the nation to receive an award for excellence in preventive animal health, we work closely with our veterinary care team to offer our patients the latest in technology for preventative care.

Our commitment to providing the highest standards in pet care is demonstrated by the fact that nearly 30% of our veterinary patients come here for emergency or critical care. If your pet is suffering from a problem or ailment, visit us for a comprehensive exam, diagnostic tests, and immediate treatment. A devoted staff is on hand to help you pet stay fit and happy!

Pet Hospital Near My Area

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